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Should You Worry About Bony Growths in Your Mouth?
Posted on 5/15/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Should You Worry About Bony Growths in Your Mouth?
One of the keys to good oral health is spotting potential problems before they become a bigger problem. A good self-examination can help people take care of their oral health, but part of a good self-exam is knowing what to look for. If you spot bony growths in your mouth, you may or may not know what they mean. Learning about them will help you determine what to do next.

The Causes of the Bony Growths

The lumps that can form in the mouth are known as tori or Exostosis. These are typically benign bony growths that can form on the roof of the mouth, the soft palate or lower jaw by the teeth. The tori result from air bubbles that get trapped in the temporal mandibular joint. The growths can appear on the inside of the mouth between the gums and tongue, or on the outside between the gums and cheeks. You may feel the bony growths, or they are seen during routine dental exams.

The Dangers of the Bony Growths

In the majority of the cases, the bony growths do not cause any problems. It does depend on the size of the growths and whether they impede you from doing things normally. The bony growths are present in about 40% of the population, so anyone that has them is not alone.
The biggest problem that people with bony growths run into is they wear dental appliances or dentures. The bony growths can prevent these from fitting properly and may require the removal of the growths.
Some conditions can seem like bony growths even if they are not. Abscesses that form pus pockets may seem like a bony growth, but are the sign of a much more serious issue. When wisdom teeth are removed, a blood clot will form and that can also feel like a bony growth. If you suspect you have bony growths in your mouth, it is best to have them checked out to make sure they are not a different problem. Call us today and let us check to make sure they are nothing to worry about.
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