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What Would I Need a Sinus Lift For?

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
When it comes to restoring your teeth and bringing back your beautiful smile, there are many treatment options available. Many are used to correct speech patterns and even the ability to chew food. Some of our patients even require a procedure called a sinus lift, which would need to be done post dental implant. To see if you need a sinus lift, read these few key pointers and then contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss what options are best for you. What You May Need a Sinus Lift For Not all dental procedures require a sinus lift, and likewise, not all patients need to have one to get a dental implant procedure done. One of the main clues to needing a sinus lift is missing teeth, more importantly, if they happen to be molars in your upper jaw. If you do have missing molars in that area, our dental surgeons might determine that you do not have enough remaining bone to keep the tooth steady and in place. You also lose bone when you have gum disease or other missing teeth, particularly in your jaw. If you have been diagnosed with enlarged sinuses it is important that you let us know that during your consultation so we can check to make sure that your sinus is not too close to your upper jaw where the work would need to be performed. How the Procedure is Performed This procedure is typically performed using one of your own bones, however, there are circumstances when that is not possible, and our dental surgeons will be sure to discuss the alternative options with you prior to your sinus lift. To start things off, our dental surgeons will precisely remove the gum tissue where your teeth used to be, particularly in the back. Our surgeon next, will elevate the tissue and expose the bone underneath. From there, the surgeon pushes your sinus membrane as far away from your jawbone as possible. The last step is the placement of the bone where your sinuses use to reside. Stitching will occur to close everything up and hold it in place, and the healing process can take up to 9 months. You will need to consult one of our dental surgeons to conduct a consultation prior to your procedure. Call us today and let's get you back to a healthy and beautiful smile....

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